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Apple-Walnut Cake:

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Apple-Walnut Cake: 4c. A.P. Flour 2t. Baking Soda 1T. 1t. Cinnamon 4c. Sugar 2t. Salt 2c. Shortening 12 Granny Smith Apples 2 1/2c. Walnuts 8 eggs Sugar/Cinnamon mix well 1. Place dry ingredients in sifter 2. Place sugar, shortening and salt in mixing bowl 3. Cream on 1st. speed, while peeling, cut in 1/4 and
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Humming Bird cake

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Humming Bird cake Pre Heat 300 degrees, 3 c. AP Flour 2 c. Sugar 1 t. Salt 1 t. Baking Soda 1 t. Cinnamon 3 Eggs beaten 1 1/2c Veg. Oil 1 1/2 t. Vanilla 1 c. Pineapple crushed 1 c. Pecan 2 c. Banana pulp   1. Combine all dry ingredients 2. combine egg
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