Different People been after me for some time now to go to Some “Full Moon Party” at a Umi or Uni, turns out its Umi Pacific Grille And its cool! Has a very big city feel, the Dining room is vast, with floor to celing silk room deviders, so it give a private feel to each part of the room, our table was for 10,it was behind black silk, it felt like we had our own private room, The service was great, very well trained staff, I tried the Lobster wanton puff thingys, they were good, served with a 3 sauce set up nicely presented , then i tried the duck spring roll, it was a duck spring roll on watercress, had a good amount of duck in it, great flavor, the duck pieces were a bit large, i prefer mine more Peking style. The buffet, they offer only on Full Moon Party Nights, was nice spread, looked cruise shippish….. had a pork fried rice everyone at our table agreed was the winner, a sweet potato,”or for you Yankees a yam” and onion dish that was unusual and good. I plan to go back for dinner, they had a great wine selection, and the sushi list was to die for, the dinner menu looked like an adventure so i look forward to going back.
or the Full Moon Party they have fire eaters and a few DJ’s , a calypso steel band, it was wild i got some video of the fire eaters