Homemade Snack Mix, like CHEX MIX

I had some store bought Chex Mix the other day it was a “new” sweet kind snicker-doodle, covered in powdered sugar! I remember homemade snack mix is better than store bought so i decided to make some, i found alot of different versions of chex-mix at the official page http://www.chex.com/recipes/chex-party-mix of chex mix! They even have a recipe for Peach Cobbler Chex Mix Peach Cobbler Chex i am going to make soon!




But my main inspiration came from a recipe from Here #GIMMESOMEOVEN for Chex style snack mix made in a slow cooker, or crock pot! With that as my guide i came up with the following. Here is how i made mine.


4 cups rice chex cereal
2 cups crispix cereal
1 cup wheat chex cereal
2 cups Cheerios cereal
1 1/2 cup potato stix
1 cup goldfish cheddar crackers
2 cup oyster crackers
1 cup cheese crackers
1 cup peanuts

1/3 cup (6 Tablespoons) real butter, melted and hot
1 Tablespoon seasoned salt
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon old bay seasoning
Dash of Cayenne Pepper “more or less to taste” “optional”




Add cereal, crackers, Potato stix, cheerios and peanuts to a large bowl big enough to mix everything.
on stovetop over low heat melt butter, then whisk in seasoned salt, , cayenne, old bay, & Garlic until all dissolved. now add and Stir in the Worcestershire sauce until mixed well.

Slowly and evenly pour the sauce over the cereal mix. Mix well as you add liquid, mix until it is evenly combined.

Cook on low for 3 hours, with lid on. if your lid does not have a small hole you must leave it open slightly so moisture can escape, otherwise you will have a soggy mess! stirring every 30 min. if moisture accumulates under the lid be sure to wipe that off each stir. this keeps it from burning. Then spread the mix out into an even layer, allow it to cool to room temperature. Store in air tight container for a few weeks.