I’d never made pickled banana peppers before, today that changed I made a single jar.

Cut up some banana peppers, brought two cups of vinegar to a boil, and some sugar, add some turmeric, touch a black pepper, and I used some , dried onion spice, A little salt, and a dash of liquid smoke,

I had some fresh dill flowers out of the garden so I put a little piece in the jar I put some banana peppers in I added another piece of deal I added some more banana peppers and then I topped it off with a piece of dill flower.

Other than poured the hot vinegar mixture over the peppers, waited for it to cool put a lid on it put it in the fridge.

This will be used by me primarily as a seasoning that I will add to already cooked right before I eat them greens, I may also use it in a salad dressing base or anything else that calls for a little vinegar. But plenty of people eat the peppers I just don’t particularly love them.