Sunday night i had a Pumpkin and some grits………..

So i made “Dinner” Grits, with cheese, cream and Pumpkin……..

I found some canned salmon and i made salmon cakes…..

I got my little cast iron corn bread tray shaped like little fish out, i grab a bag of corn meal,
hand it to Tammy and tell her to look on bag for a cornbread how to, she says “I know how
to make corn bread”, she was putting a big squrt of Mayo in the mix last time i looked.

The cast iron cornbread tray, and some of its results.

Salmon Cakes, Pumpkin & Cheese Grits, Aspargus, corn bread.

OK tonight i was in a creative mode…….so i made
i pie shell, sweet style. ie graham craker or short bread
i pack of soft cake style lady fingers
cool whip
hersheys syurp
sweet flake coconut
strong sweet coffee
rasberry syurp
mix hersheys, coconut, lady fingers, a little coffee, mix well, the lady fingers will fall apart this is ok.
then add cool whip
put in pie shell
drizzle top w rasberry

i guess i need a name