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Help support this site use these links to browse amazon for great food items from the south. Geechie Boy Mill Jimmy Red Grits, “The culinary uses of Jimmy Red Corn in South Carolina are exciting and expanding. Sean Brock, owner of the restaurants Husk and McCrady’s, cooks Jimmy Red Corn in his traditional Southern dishes like shrimp and grits We can thank the Native Americans for the grits that have long been a Southern staple and now are finding their way onto plates all over the globe. Grits are made from dried corn that has been finely ground in a grist mill like the ones used at Geechie Boy Mill. Using the antique mills and grinding the heirloom grains the way it’s been done for generations helps retain the natural oils and flavors of the corn – making Geechie Boy grits some of the most sought-after grits in the country. Restaurants from California to Chicago and from Charleston to Maine are serving dishes made with Geechie Boy grits.” Geechie Boy Mill Heirloom Sea Island Blue Cornmeal, — — Since colonial days, farmers grew native corns of many colors for grits and cornmeal. Sea island blue is our colorful twist. Varieties of blue corn have been revered by many Native Americans as ceremonial corn. We mill each batch on Edisto Island keeping in mine the history and connection with the sea islands.