New Years Eve Last Meal and its Keto!

Well as we draw a close to 2019 I wanted a great meal, so I cooked! I could have gone out to one of the 2200 restaurants in my town, but the service is crap here and the food is hit or miss at the finest of places, that’s the drawback to living in a tourist town, the restaurants have a mentality that in a tourist and I’m here one in my life, never to return, One place that never disappoints is Burkys Grill, its always Fire! but I wanted more than a burger tonight!

Lobster tail, Scallops, Crab Cake, T-Bone, with Mushrooms, and Asparagus, and Iceberg salad with Thousand Island. The yellow tint is from all the Tumiric I cook with its in everything I cook anymore!