Toad in a hole for Saint Patrick’s Day, w Skellig Irish cheese on top!

In Honor of Saint Patrick’s Day I made A green version of my Toad in a hole recipe, I added kale. What is toad in the hole? it’s basically a Yorkshire pudding poured around almost cooked sausages, And then you cook it for about 45 minutes longer.

Toad in the hole with Skellig Irish cheese on top

Preheat oven 400f. 1 Cup of flour, 1 cup of skim milk, two eggs, salt pepper onion, mushroom, whatever, grease the pan. Cook the sausages first in the pan by themselves for about 15-20 minutes, then pour the mixed batter over them and bake for about 45 more minutes. & I made my version of a quick onion brown gravy.